Welcome to The Heath’s Hideaways, Hotels and Other Adventures

As a tight knit trio, family of three, the three musketeers – we have managed to experience many adventures, most not too far from our front door. The world has endless places to visit but blessed with incredible coastlines, as well as inland pockets of beauty, we have found ourselves making the most of what is around us.

Along with food blogging, writing, cooking and judging in different guises, we as a family adore food, mini-breaks and of course adventures.

This blog is for us to focus more on the family holiday side – not fortnights away abroad or weeks away costing us all our spare pennies, but one-off nights away, long weekends on the coast in a static caravan, B&B’s with nearby attractions, unusual boltholes, treehouses, hotels with spas. With a focus on child-friendly facilities and places aimed at occupying the boy and all of us so we have a genuinely relaxing time together, there may be some child-free experiences in there too.

As a single child family, Kyle has embraced what we enjoy; it has resulted in a mini-chef, nature-lover, ecstatic about anything water related and the outdoors. He knows what he likes but isn’t afraid of trying new things and at 9 years old, he appreciates all the things life has to offer in his own way.

So feel free to join us on this adventure – be it a staycation, mini-break, seaside escape or inland hideaway. We hope we can you let you in on some great places to lay your head, tuck into great food and have a cracking family time.

Published by Lauren

Admin Professional, Founder & Blogger for Heath's Hideaways, Hotels & Other Adventures, Co-Editor & Food & Drink Blogger for Dining Devon and SW Food and Hospitality Judge. Previous Food Writer for Crumbs Magazine Devon (3yrs), one of Exeter's Most Influential Women 2018. All my photography using the latest Samsung smartphone. Hospitality background, Wife to The Lost Chef and Mum to 1.

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