Who Are The Heath’s?

We are a trio, a unit, three musketeers. We are Steve, Lauren and Kyle.

Chef, admin professional and mini-chef respectively. Ex-hospitality adults, life long food fanatics and current food bloggers. Kyle – well he is whatever he wants to be; a budding young cook, seeker of adventures, chatterbox, enthusiastic hotel guest and lover of family friendly locations, especially when nature or a pool is involved!

Steve is also known as The Lost Chef, and likes to blog about restaurants, food products and other food related events from a chef’s point of view. He is also the owner and creator of The Lost Chef’s Larder.

Lauren is Co Editor and Food Blogger for Dining Devon and a judge for various South West food awards bodies, as well as having three years of food writing for Crumbs Magazine under her belt.

Kyle can be found on Twitter as Kyle’s Kitchen, where he occasionally shares his foodie experiences or home cooked food.

Here, we will share our daytime and overnight adventures in the South West and beyond.

What We Love in a Hideaway, Hotel or Adventure

“A relaxed ambience but enough attention to detail to make you feel like a special guest”


“A modern, sophisticated style with either a scrumptious food offering on-site or something special nearby – but no petite cuisine for me, I love generous, flavoursome and homely food”


“A pool, hot tub or the seaside – a kid loves to burn energy in the water (and it works up my appetite too)”


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